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Part I Listening Comprehension (20 minutes)

Section A

Directions: In this section, you will hear 10 short conversations. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. Both the conversation and the question will be spoken only once. After each question there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A) B) C) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网Example: You will hear:

You will read:

A) At the office.

B) In a waiting room

C) At the airport.

D) In a restaurant.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网From the conversation we know that the two were talking about some work they had to finish in the evening. This is most likely to have taken place at the office. Therefore, A) “At the office” is the best answer. You should choose [A] on the Answer Sheet and mark it with a single line through the center.

Sample Answer [A] [B] [C] [D]

1. A) Studying Chinese civilization.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网B) Spending his summer vacation.

C) Visiting the Great Wall and the Summer Palace.

D) Teaching English.

2. A) Keep up with the times.

B) Spend her time on the important things.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网C) Slow down the pace of her life.

D) Pay attention to her health.

3. A) An old lady got lost when picking mushrooms.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网B) People who commit cruel acts will be sent to prison.

C) Some cruel people beat a dog badly.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网D) An old lady found her lost dog in the woods.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网4. A) He is novelist.

B) He writes instruction books for terrorists.

C) He is full of crazy ideas.

D) He planned a suicide attack with a Boeing 747.

5. A) Respectful.

B) Contemptuous.

C) Liberal.

D) Friendly.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网6. A) It’s interesting work.

B) It’s dirty work.

C) It’s unpleasant work.

D) It’s meaningful work.

7. A) He never gets angry.

B) He tries to release some anger before it explodes.

C) He is incapable of controlling his anger.

D) He prevents himself from showing anger.

8. A) The man is unwilling to confess his sins.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网B) The man used to smoke cigarettes while writing.

C) The man thinks smoking is an awful habit.

D) The man’s wife allows him to drink alcohol but not to smoke.

9. A) He isn’t satisfied with his progress.

B) He wants to move up more quickly than he’s presently doing.

C) He has advanced quickly enough in his career.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网D) He feels frustrated as he moves up the ladder.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网10. A) He is nearing retirement age.

B) He wants to pursue politics as a career.

C) He is going to quit politics to take better care of his family.

D) He is tired with politics.

Section B

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网Directions: In this section, you will hear a passage three times. When the passage is read for the first time, you should listen carefully for general idea. When the passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks numbered from S1 to S7 with the exact words you have heard. For blanks numbered from S8 to S10 you are required to fill in the missing information. You can either use the exact words you have just heard or write down the main points in your own words. Finally, when the passage is read for the third time, you should check what you have written.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网I am one of luck ones. I was nowhere near danger, although chaos was all around me. I lost no one dear to me in either attack. Like so many Americans, after a never-wracking day of calling and e-mailing, I discovered that, despite some close calls, all family and friends in New York were safe.

Yet despite our suffering, it (S1) little to that of the many innocent victims who were killed, and to the pain that their families are experiencing. Those in the buildings at the time of the attack were killed not because of who they were, but because of where they were---in offices in two of the most recognizable (S2) of American power. Those aboard the doomed planes became both terror victims and (S3) of terror. Courageous (S4) workers who saved countless lives by fighting fires and the chaos of the moment lost their lives. And our (S5) lost in the (S6) of Pearl Harbor but seemingly regained again in the post-war (S7) ,has been lost again. (S8)

.I will feel pride in the heroism of New York’s citizens. I will think of the bravery with which this whole nation comforted each other.(S9)

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网. I will remember always the humanity of the moment. (S10)

I will not let them make me live in fear. I will not let them win.


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Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (35 minutes)

Directions: There are 4 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

Passage one:

Nuclear power’s danger to health, safety, and even life itself can be summed up in one word: radiation.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网Nuclear radiation has a certain mystery about it, party because it cannot be detected by human senses. It can’t be seen or heard, or touched or tasted, even tough it may be all around us. There are other things like that. For example, radio waves are all around us but we can’t detect them, sense them, without a radio receiver. Similarly, we can’t sense radioactivity without a radiation detector. But unlike common radio waves, nuclear radiation is not harmless to human beings and other living things.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网At very high levels, radiation can kill an animal or human being outright(全部地)by killing masses of cells in vital organs. But even the lowest level of radiation can do serious damage. There is no level of radiation that is completely safe. If the radiation does not hit anything important, the damage may not be significant. This is the case when only a few cells are hit, and if they are killed outright, your body will replace the dead cells with healthy ones. But if the few cells are only damaged, and if they reproduce themselves, you may be in trouble. They reproduce themselves in a deformed way. They can grow into cancer. Sometimes this does not show up for many years.

This is another reason for some of the mystery about nuclear radiation. Serious damage can be done without the victim being aware at the time that damage has occurred. A person can be irradiated and feel fine, then die of cancer five, ten, or twenty years later as a result. Or a child can be born weak or liable to serious illness as result of radiation absorbed by its grandparents.

Radiation can hurt us. We must know the truth.

11. According to the author, the danger of nuclear power lies in _______.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A. nuclear mystery

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网B. radiation detection

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网C. nuclear radiation

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网D. radiation level

12. What can we infer from the passage?

A. We can’t detect radioactivity even with modern equipment.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网B. Only radiation at very high levels can kill an animal or human being.

C. If a few cells are only damaged healthy cells will take the place of dead ones

D. Radiation is harmful no matter what level it is.

13. The word “significant” in paragraph 3 has the similar meaning with________.

A. fatal

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网B. meaningful

C. harmful

D. remarkable

14. Radiation can hurt us in that it can_______.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A. affect the healthy growth of our offspring.

B. damage cells which grow into cancer years later.

C. kill large number of cells in main organs so as to cause death immediately.

D. all of the above

15. What’s the author’s main purpose in writing this passage?

A. Emphasizing the importance of protection of radiation.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网B. Solving the mystery about radiation.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网C. Discussing the cause of cancer.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网D. Introducing the nuclear power.

Passage two:

A few years ago a young mother watched her husband diaper(给……换尿布) their firstborn son. “You done not have to be unhappy about it,” she protested. “You can talk to him and smile a little.” The father, who happened to be a psychologist, answered firmly, “He has nothing to say to me, and I have nothing to say to him.”

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网Psychologist now know how wrong that father was. From the moment of birth, a baby has a great deal to say to his parent and they to him. But a decade or so ago, these experts wear describing the newborn as a primitive creature who reacted only by reflex, a helpless victim of its environment without capacity to influence it. And mothers accepted the truth. Most thought (and some still do) that a new infant could see only blurry(模糊的) shadows, that his other senses were undeveloped, and that all he required was nourishment, clean diapers, and a warm bassinet.

Today university laboratories across the country are studying newborns in their first month of life. As a result, psychologists now describe the new baby as perceptive , with remarkable learning abilities and an even more remarkable capacity to shape his or her environment including the attitudes and actions of his parents. Some researchers believe that the neonatal period may even be the most significant four weeks in an entire lifetime.

Far from being helpless, the newborn knows what he likes and rejects what he doesn’t. He shut out unpleasant sensations by closing his eyes or averting his face. He is a glutton for novelty. He prefers animate things over inanimate and likes people more than anything.

When a more nine minutes out, an infant prefers a human face to a head-shaped outline. He makes the choice despite the fact that, with delivery room attendants masked and gowned, he has never seen a human face before. By the time he’s twelve hours old, his entire body moves in precise synchrony (同时发生) to the sound of a human voice, as if he were dancing. A non-human sound, such as a tapping noise, brings no such response.

16.The author points out that the father diapering his first-born son was wrong because________.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A. he believed the baby was not able to hear him

B. he thought the baby didn’t have the power of speech

C. he was a psychologist unworthy of his profession

D. he thought the baby was not capable of any response

17. According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE?

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A. A new infant can see only blurry shadows.

B. A new infant’s senses are undeveloped

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网C. All a new infant requires is nourishment, clean diapers, and a warm bassinet.

D. A new infant is actually able to influence his or her environment

18. What does the sentence “He is a glutton for novelty” probably mean?

A. The newborn is greedy for new food

B. The newborn tends to overeat

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网C. The newborn always loves things that are new to him

D. The newborn’s appetite is a constant topic in novels

19.According to the passage, it’s groundless to think that newborns prefer________.

A. a human face to a head-shaped outline

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网B. animate things to inanimate ones

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网C. human voice to non-human sounds

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网D. nourishment to a warm bassinet

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网20. What is the passage mainly discussing about?

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A. What people know about newborns

B. How wrong parents are when they handle their babies

C. How much newborns have progressed in about a decade’s time

D. Why the first month of life is the most significant four weeks in a lifetime

Passage three:

The interview is an important event in the job-hunting process, because the 20 or 30 minutes you spend with the interviewer may determine whether or not you get the particular job you want. Therefore ,it is important to remember that your objective during the interview may differ from the objective of the potential employer. You want to make yourself stand out as a whole person who has personal strengths, is well qualified, and should be considered the right person for the job. It is encouraging to know that the interview’s task is not to embarrass you or to trip you up, but to hire the right person for the job.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网Remember, job hunting is very competitive. Anything you can do to enhance your interview techniques will be to your advantage. The following suggestions may help you land the most important job.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网Your goal in this interview is to make sure your good points get across. The interviewer won’t know them unless you point them out, so try to do this in a factual and sincere manner.

Do not make slighting references to former employers or professors. If you have been fired from a job and the interviewer asks about it, be frank in your answer.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网Show the interviewer that you are interested in the company by asking relevant questions. Ask about responsibilities, working conditions, promotion opportunities and fringe benefits(附加福利)of the job you are interviewing for.

If at some point you decide the interview is not going well, do not let your discouragement show. You have nothing to lose by continuing a show of confidence, and you may have much to gain. It may be real, or it may be a test to see how you react to adverse conditions.

Some interviewers may bring up salary early in the interview. At this time, you may indicate that you are more interested in a job where you can prove yourself than a specific salary. This politely passes the question back to the interviewer. If possible, you should negotiate for salary after you have been offered a job and when you are when you are ready to complete the paperwork.

21. To get the job you want, during the interview you should_________

A) avoid the interviewer’s questions that are designed to trip you up.

B) remember that you are the best qualified candidate.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网C) make yourself stand out as the right person for the job.

D) keep in mind that it determines whether or not you get the particular job you want.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网22. If you did not get along with your former employer, you_______

A) should tell the interviewer frankly.

B) should not speak ill of him.

C) should refer to him in a factual manner.

D) should never mention it.

23. When you find the interview is not going well you should_________.

A) keep up your confidence .

B) bring it to an end as soon as possible.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网C) tell you interviewer how you react to adverse conditions.

D) tell yourself you have much to gain and nothing to lose.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网24. The best time to discuss your salary is _________.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) keep up your confidence .

B) at the end of the interview.

C) after you have completed the paperwork,.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网D) when the interviewer brings this matter up.

25. The most important thing to do during an interview is _________.

A) to make your strengths understood.

B) to show your intense interest in the job you are applying for.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网C) to be frank and sincere.

D) to be natural and confident.

Passage four:

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网Psychological tests are tools. Like all tools, their effectiveness depends on the knowledge, skill, and sincerity of the user. A hammer can be used to build a beautiful kitchen cabinet of it can be used as a weapon of assault. Like a hammer, intelligence tests can be used for positive purposes or they can be abusive. It is important for both the test constructor and the test examiner to be familiar with the current state of scientific knowledge about intelligence and intelligence tests.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网Even though they have limitations, intelligence tests are among psychology’s most widely used tools. To be effective, though, intelligence tests must be viewed realistically. They should not be thought of as a fixed, unchanging indicator of a person’s intelligence. They should also be used in conjunction with other information about a person and should not be relied upon as the sole indicator of whether a child should be placed in a special-education or gifted class. The child’s developmental history, medical background, performance in school, social competencies, and family experiences should be taken into account, too.

The single number provided by many IQ tests can easily lead to stereotypes and expectations about a person. Many people do not know how to sweeping generalizations about a person are too often made on the basis of an IQ score. Imagine, for example, that you are a teacher sitting in the teacher’s lounge the day after school has started in the a fellow teacher remarks that she had Johnny in class last year, and goes on to say that he was a dunce. You cannot help but remember this information, and it may lead you to think that Johnny Jones is not very bright so it is useless to spend much time teaching him. In this way, IQ scores are misused and stereotypes are formed.

26. According to the author, intelligence tests_______.

A. cannot be used as the indicator of a person’s intelligence.

B. Can be used for positive purposes and can also be misused.

C. Are widely used because it is the sole indicator of one’s intelligence.

D. Are not so effective due to their own shortcomings

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网27. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?

A. The knowledge, skill and the sincerity of the user are the factors determining the effectiveness of the psychological test

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网B. Since the intelligence tests have limitations, their results are not reliable although they are used very often.

C. A person’s intelligence can be measured with precision and accuracy if he or she takes an intelligence test.

D. Whether a child should be placed in a gifted class can easily be decided by his performance in the intelligence test.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网28. The word “dunce”( Para. 3) stands for______.

A. an average student B. a slow learner

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网C. a dancing genius D . a lazy boy or girl

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网29. It can be inferred from the third paragraph that_______.

A. low score in intelligence test indicate that one is a slow learner

B. intelligence tests are not scientific and must be prohibited

C. teacher should not treat students unequally according to their intelligence difference

D. intelligence tests are often misused and often lead to stereotype

30. Which of the following is the best title of the passage?

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A. The Merits of Intelligence Tests

B. The Use and Misuse of Intelligence Tests

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网C. The importance of Intelligence Tests

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网D. The Limitations of Intelligence Tests


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Part III Vocabulary (20 minutes)

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

31. She met with no challenge because her arguments sound facts.

A) put forward B) rested on C) made for D) conjured up

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网32. The teacher tried to explain the problem but her explanation did not to the students.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) get across B) come around C) go by D) make out

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网33. It was such a hot day that everyone swimming in the river.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) tended to B) was inclined to C) made for D) felt like

34. Old Mr. Brown’s condition looks very serious and it is doubtful if he will .

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) pull through B) pull up C) pull back D) pull out

35. We often advise him not to drink more wine is good for his health.

A) as B) than C) that D) but

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网36. Please your remarks to the topic under discussion.

A) confess B) confirm C) confuse D) confine

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网37. Several special programs were designed to disadvantaged youths aged 16-21 to become more responsible, employable, and productive.

A) resist B) insist C) persist D) assist

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网38. He was at the of his career when he was killed in a traffic accident.

A) glamour B) extreme C) bloom D) peak

39. When do you think the President will you in office?

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) locate B) confirm C)reinforce D)qualify

40. Mary went through the report carefully to all spelling mistakes from it.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) diminish B) withdraw C) eliminate D) abandon

41. He arrived very late at night, in the early hours this morning.

A) in conclusion B) or rather C) on the whole D) by and large

42. Mother always taught me to be thrifty and not to live .

A) beyond my means B) out of place C) at my leisure D) around the clock

43. President Banda’s background as a doctor has given him into the medical problems that face the country.

A) a view B) a vision C) an insight D) a sight

44. In New York there is a shifting population of vagrants usually with an unhealthy for alcohol.

A) attitude B) aptitude C) appetite D) altitude

45. Cars and motorcycles are similar they are both privately owned means of transport.

A) so that B) in that C) for that D) in which

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网46. The exhibition of poor sportsmanship a sense of disgust in all who witnessed it.

A) rose B) arose C) aroused D) raised

47. When the nurse took his temperature, it was two degrees above .

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) regular B) ordinary C) average D) normal

48. The traveler looks like an Englishman, but his foreign accent gave him .

A) away B) out C) off D) over

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网49. We Americans do a lot of business lunch, but people here prefer to tell stories.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) in B) over C) within D) without

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网50. He just cannot to the different life style here in America.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) alter B) modify C) adapt D) adopt

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网51. The theory was attacked ten years ago when it was first _____, but gradually it was accepted.

A) promoted B) enhanced C) advanced D) conceived

52. _____preparations are now being made for the President’s official visit to three foreign countries.

A) Elaborate B) Graceful C) Royal D) Tedious

53. The bus is so crowded that there is _____sufficient room for you.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) rarely B) seldom C) scarcely D) some

54. Poor health and lack of money may both be ______to educational progress.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) restraints B) stains C) scarcities D) barriers

55. As for the Flat Earth theory, I believe I can _____it with my own experiences of navigation.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A). deny B) reject C) object D) refute

56. In the past decades, the farms of the world have succeeded in producing enough food to feed

_____all of the planet’s people.

A) relevantly B) externally C) utterly D) virtually

57. The poor girl couldn’t _____from her tears any more when her mother showed up.

A) withdraw B) hold C) withhold D) refrain

58. We would contact your nearest relative _____any accident occurring.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) in the event of B) in the course of

C) in the place of D) in the light of

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网59. The doctors drew the conclusion that the young man’s blindness was________.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) consistent B) partial C) internal D) temporary

60. The Second World War, _____the earlier one of 1914, prompted public concern about the physical and intellectual well-being of the country’s human resources.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A) so as B) as were C) as did D) same as


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Test Paper Two

Part Ⅳ Short Answer Questions (15 minutes)

Directions: In this part there is a short passage with eight questions or incomplete statements. Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words(not exceeding 10 words)

Mark Twain once remarked that the most impressive quality of weather was its dazzling(使人眼花缭乱的)uncertainty. More than a century later, we are still struggling to precisely predict, much less control, the atmospheric conditions around us. Yet researchers are at work on many fronts in the attempt to master the weather.

For instance, we’ve made some progress in getting clouds to rain more or less on command. Recent studies show that water-absorbing salts scattered by aircraft may bring about a rainfall more effectively than dry ice. The crystals attract water droplets that otherwise would form around tiny specks of dust and remain too small and light to plunge to earth.

We can’t yet “make” rain, but under the right conditions, a touch of airborne salt increases rainfall by 12 to 14 percent.

Many people, on the other hand, are more interested in knowing whether it will rain at all –or rain so hard that they might expect some damage. Most forecasts are reasonably accurate from about 12 hours out to around five days. Any forecasts closer than that—or more remote –are problematic. But progress is being made in both directions.

Nationwide, for instance, there’s growing interest in “nowcasting”—creating highly detailed forecasts for areas that extend out a mere 30 minutes or so. This is a tough task. Looking only at a growing thunderstorm itself doesn’t give you enough information to accurately predict its development and path. You have to understand the environment the storm is in, including storms around it, atmospheric stability, and other factors.

Long—term forecasts are also improving thanks to more powerful computers, improved modeling, and satellite and ocean—sensor data. We’ll probably never be able to say that a storm will hit Seattle one year from now, but we’re learning about different weather cycles and their implications.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网What about actually changing the weather? “The idea of controlling the weather is science fiction,” snorts Professor Roni Avissar at Rutgers University.

Nevertheless, people may one day have to seriously consider ways to reverse a different, unintended weather experiment: global warming caused by excess “greenhouse” gases from burnjing fossil fuels (矿物燃料)。One idea is to with deflect(使偏斜) solar radiation with a giant mirror in space.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网Possible. But why not deal with the cause rather than the symptom? To do that, we could launch into space large solar collectors that would beam microwave energy to Earth to be used as electricity, replacing fossil fuels. Vast improvements in electronics and remote assembly techniques may someday mean that this weather control, at least, could become science fact rather than science fiction.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网1. According to Mark Twain, it is _____________________________to predict the weather.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网2. Though we can’t yet make rain, we can,__________________________, command clouds to rain.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网3. It is difficult to make accurate weather forecasts within 12 hours or __ _____________five days.

4. To predict accurately the development and path of a thunderstorm,, meteorologists have to understand______________________________

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网5. To make long—term forecasts, we have to learn about__________________________.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网6. Professor Roni Avissar at Rutgers University thinks that the idea of changing the weather is__________________________________________.

7. What does the author think of the idea of deflecting solar radiation to reverse global warming?

8. What does the author suggest we do to deal with global warming?


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Part Ⅴ Writing (30 minutes)

Directions: Suppose you are Michael. You bought a digital camera in a shop but found it has some problems after using it for a short period of time. Now, you are allowed 30 minutes to write A Letter of Complaint to the manager of the shop. You should write a letter with at least 120 words including the information given below in Chinese:


1. 说明你在何时、何地购买了何种型号的数字照相机。

2. 使用中出现的问题。

3. 希望能够调换或退货。


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Part I听力:

Section A:

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网(1-10) DCCAB CBBCC

Section B:

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网(S1) compares (S2) symbols (S3) instruments

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网(S4) emergency (S5) innocence (S6) ashes (S7) era

(S8) This tragic day, however, reminds me of the beauty and the goodness of human nature, rather than its dark side.

(S9) I will remember the outpouring of support from the global community, and the condemnation of these acts from around the globe.

(S10) I will endeavor to understand such acts, and to help others cope with them. I will not let them ---whoever they are---dictate my life.

Part II 阅读:


Part III 词汇:



幸运飞艇人工计划在线网Part IV Short Answer Questions:

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网1. hardly possible/almost impossible

2. more or less/to a certain degree

3. beyond

4. the environment the storm is in

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网5. different weather cycles and their implications

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网6. science fiction/impractical/impossible/absurd

7. Possible, but this deals with the symptom rather than the cause

8. Collect solar energy in space to replace fossil fuels

Part V作文:


幸运飞艇人工计划在线网A Letter of Complaint

April 12, 2006

Dear Sir or Madam,

One week ago I bought a Canon Powershot S80 digital camera from your store at a cost of Y2800. However, it developed serious defects yesterday: when the lens is being adjusted, there is always a sharp noise; And this camera often switches off by itself. I enclose of my receipt for your information.

幸运飞艇人工计划在线网The law in China protecting the rights of the consumers requires you to supply goods of satisfactory quality. Due to the faults I have detailed above and the short time I have had the item, I consider you are responsible for my loss. I hereby reject the item as it is not of satisfactory quality and claim a refund of the full purchase price from you.

I look forward to hearing form you within the next 7 days to arrange this.

Yours faithfully,



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答:asked to see the inside of his g


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1--20题:21234 32122 13242 43121 21--40题:12312 34332 42342 31321 41--70 22343 21432 11323 43213 34223 12421 71--90 44231 32143 21324 34442


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